Special peelings


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Is not necessary


Is not necessary


It depends on the depth of peeling


It depends on the depth of peeling

With the help of peels, we improve skin quality, stimulate and restore skin tone, reduce shallow or deep wrinkles, pores, acne scars, skin hyperpigmentation.

What are the benefits of peels?

One of the most effective ways to fight aging is exfoliation. The purpose of peeling is to support the natural process of skin renewal. Skin cells are theoretically renewed in a one-month cycle. At the end of the cycle, old, dead cells are removed, making room for new, young cells. This skin renewal process is normal until the age of 25 or 30. Later, the cycle slows down, which often results in worsening of the condition of the skin due to excessive cell production. The skin becomes denser, less permeable, leading to a gray, withered appearance and longer regeneration time.

To prevent deterioration of the skin, whether due to slowed regeneration or past injuries, the use of special peels adapted to your current condition is key. skin. Peels accelerate the removal of dead cells and allow new cells to more easily penetrate the surface of the skin. Continuation of proper care at home, which is adjusted according to the skin condition and the client's wishes, is also important to achieve the best results.


GREEN PEEL® is a herbal peeling that helps with various skin problems to make it clean again. The reasons for Green Peel treatment are:

- impure skin,
- large pores,
- prematurely aged skin with poor circulation,
- sun damage to the skin and hyperpigmentation,
- scars, pregnancy stretch marks, cellulite,
- wrinkles,
- general skin rejuvenation and regeneration.

The effectiveness of Green Peel treatment depends on the individual ability to regenerate the skin. Depending on the condition of the skin, the peeling can be repeated several times to achieve the desired condition and is without harmful side effects. With a special massage technique (the duration and intensity of the massage affect the intensity of skin peeling) and the use of herbal microparticles, the skin is smoothed and exfoliated. This increases blood circulation and skin metabolism, individual cells are supplied with oxygen, and three days later the skin begins to peel.

"For an effective recovery, it is important to limit or completely avoid exposure to the sun during the first few weeks after the treatment, as the skin after peeling is more sensitive to solar radiation and there is a greater risk of pigmentation changes and burns."

Green peel therapy procedure

1st day: Green peel therapy microparticles remain on the skin for 5 days), the skin is red and gives a slight burning sensation.
2nd day: the skin is completely normal.
3rd and 4th day: the skin begins to peel.
5th - 7th day: conclusion of the therapy with care.

The client receives instructions for home care, on the basis of which the skin regenerates and recovers faster.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is a procedure aimed at improving the appearance of the skin. We carry out three types of chemical peels, which differ in the depth of action:

- Surface peeling: It is suitable for superficial skin spots, rough, dry, tired or thin skin, skin peeling, shallow wrinkles and thickened skin. Surface peeling does not cause major inconvenience; invisible peeling or slight redness may occur.

- Mid-depth peeling: Used for hyperpigmentation (uneven skin color, age spots, surface blemishes), acne scars, active acne and wrinkles. After the treatment, strong redness appears immediately, followed by severe peeling after about three days.

- Deep peeling: It is suitable for deep wrinkles and acne scars. Recovery after treatment takes 14 days. With the treatment, we achieve exceptional results and a significant reduction of the visible signs of skin aging.

Recovery after a chemical peel

For an effective recovery, it is important to limit or completely prevent exposure to the sun during the first few weeks after the treatment, as the skin after peeling is more sensitive to solar radiation and there is a greater risk of pigmentation changes and burns.

We recommend using a cream with a protective factor.

Diamond peeling hydrafacial

Diamond peeling Hydrafacial® is a new way of regenerating and cleaning the skin. It enables gentle abrasion (peeling) with a diamond head. With the help of a vacuum and various substances, multi-active substances are injected into the skin, which clean and nourish the skin. After the treatment, the skin becomes noticeably smoother and softer, new basal cells are formed, fibroblasts are stimulated, which cause the synthesis of collagen and elastin, the skin structure is improved (reduction of surface wrinkles, reduction of acne scars, reduction of hyperpigmentation). The skin is clean after the procedure, blood circulation to the tissues is increased and skin regeneration is thereby triggered.

Recovery after a diamond peel

There are practically no side effects. The skin may have a burning sensation and may become slightly red for the first hours after the treatment. For satisfactory results it is recommended to perform six treatments at an interval of one week. After the treatment, we do not recommend exposure to the sun, a visit to the solarium. Mandatory use of creams with a high protection factor. The customer also receives a home care cream that helps the skin to recover and regenerate faster.

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