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Lipolysis is an aesthetic procedure where special substances are injected into the subcutaneous tissue to break down fat cells. With this, we get rid of fatty deposits and cellulite and transform the figure. Modern medicine allows us to use various technologies to perform lipolysis, so in our clinic we offer both injection lipolysis and laser lipolysis.

How does lipolysis work?

In aesthetic medicine, lipolysis is a collective term for various methods that break down localized fatty deposits. Unlike liposuction and abdominoplasty, which are more invasive surgical procedures, lipolysis is used for smaller fat corrections and is therefore less demanding. Lipolysis is divided into two main methods: injection and laser.

In both methods we use local anesthesia, which means that only the treated area is numbed, so that you do not feel pain during the procedure, while you are awake.

The process of lipolysis imitates the natural metabolic process in the body. Lipolysis is a natural process that takes place inside fat cells, especially intensively during increased physical activity or when there is a nutritional deficit (that's why we lose fat when we do sports and eat healthy). Fat is broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which are then excreted from the body via the bloodstream. The result of this process is the reduction of fatty deposits at the local level. This is natural lipolysis.

In aesthetic medicine, lipolysis mimics this natural process by targeting fat cells, which are destroyed and then absorbed by macrophages (special white blood cells , which take care of the body's immune response). This is how we reduce fatty deposits, which cause many worries and reduce self-confidence.

The first step to any transformation at Estetika Fabjan is a non-binding consultation with a surgeon. During the consultation, the surgeon will get to know you, examine you and discuss your problems and wishes with you. Below is a general description of both methods - injection and laser lipolysis.

Injection lipolysis

In injection lipolysis, our main tools for destroying fat cells are a needle and an active natural solution for breaking down fat.

- With a very thin needle we inject an active solution into the patient's fat tissue. A controlled and deliberate inflammation of adipose tissue occurs at the injection site. This inflammation is mild.
- The cells we want to get rid of then decay and break down. Fats released from the cells go into the blood and are transferred to the liver. There, they are broken down and then excreted from the body.
- The lipolysis procedure takes up to 60 minutes on average, depending on the part of the body.

The patient does not need to prepare for the procedure, as it is minimally invasive. Recovery is also simple, as the procedure will not be too demanding for your body.

"Fat is broken down into fatty acids and glycerol, which are then excreted from the body via the bloodstream. The result of this process is the reduction of fatty deposits at the local level. This is natural lipolysis."

Areas suitable for injection lipolysis?

This procedure is particularly effective for those who want to remove small fat deposits in areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, chin or arms. During the consultation, we discuss the expected results with the client.

The method is ideal for those who do not want surgical procedures such as liposuction, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or body lift.

Who is not suitable for injection lipolysis?

Injection lipolysis is not recommended for people with serious health problems, pregnant women, nursing mothers or those who have an allergy to the ingredients used in the procedure. We are always committed to the safety of our patients and we only propose those interventions that are most suitable for each individual, which we also discuss during the consultation.

Laser lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is an innovative technique that sets new standards in the removal of excess fat and cellulite. Our main tool in this procedure is a multipurpose laser.

- During the intervention in the treated area, we make a pair of cuts, a few millimeters in size, through which we insert a very thin tube with fibers, through which we drop laser energy.

- With the laser, we destroy fat cells, and we can additionally take care of tightening and smoothing the surrounding skin. This prevents loose and sagging skin after fat removal.

- When finished, place patches over the incisions.

- The continuation is the same as for injection lipolysis: Targeted fat cells they fall apart. Fats are transported via the blood to the liver, where they are finally broken down and later excreted from the body.

Laser lipolysis differs from laser liposuction in the method of removing fat cells. Both methods use a laser and thin tubes, but in laser liposuction the broken fat is sucked out of the body, while in laser lipolysis the fat is left to be eliminated naturally, similar to injection lipolysis. Liposuction is used when there is too much fat to be left for natural elimination.

Laser lipolysis has the following advantages compared to classic liposuction:

- Allows interventions on parts of the body that are difficult to process with classic liposuction, such as the face, cheeks, neck, upper arms, upper abdomen and knees.
- It is not necessary to use compression bandages after the procedure.
- The procedure is much shorter, as well however, recovery is shorter.
- You can continue with all activities already one hour after the procedure.

Areas suitable for laser lipolysis?

Laser lipolysis is suitable for larger deposits of fatty tissue, such as thighs, hips, abdomen, arms and chin. We tailor each procedure to the individual to ensure optimal results.

Who is not suitable for laser lipolysis?

Similar to injection lipolysis laser lipolysis is not suitable for everyone. People with more serious health problems, pregnant women, nursing mothers or those with allergies will especially discuss possible contraindications or alternative procedures during the consultation with the doctor.

How do I know which type of lipolysis is more suitable for me?

There is no single answer. Choosing between injection and laser lipolysis depends on several factors, such as your personal goals, health status, and desired recovery time. Our team will help you understand the pros and cons of each method so you can make an informed decision.

How is the recovery after the fat melting procedure?

Recovery from both methods of lipolysis is relatively easy.

After injection lipolysis swelling, redness and sometimes slight bruising may occur at the injection sites. This is a sign that the body is adapting. Treated areas may be more sensitive to the touch, and patients may experience slight pain or itching of the skin. These reactions usually last for a few days after the procedure and then gradually disappear. Pain relievers and antihistamines can be used to relieve symptoms. You will be absent from work for a maximum of 2-5 days.

After laser lipolysis, swelling also appears, but it disappears completely within three months. After both types of lipolysis, we recommend wearing compression garments that will help the treated areas recover faster. In addition, it is very useful to combine lipolysis with lymphatic drainage (cavitation).

After the procedure, we will monitor your condition. You will always be able to contact the clinic in case of any concerns or questions.

We recommend immediate return to physical activity. Two to three weeks after lipolysis, we recommend additional physical activity (approximately 400 kcal more energy consumption, which corresponds to three to four kilometers of walking), even better in combination with body shaping exercises. This will make "fat melting" more effective.

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The price of lipolysis depends on the specifics of each individual and is determined at the end of the consultation.

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