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Painless and non-invasive laser hair removal procedure. This is the most permanent method of hair removal.


Laser hair removal is a hair reduction method that uses the energy of different wavelengths of laser rays. These are absorbed into melanin, the skin pigment. Melanin is also present in the hair, namely in a higher concentration than in the skin, so the laser energy is concentrated in the hair and destroys the hair follicles, while the surrounding skin remains undamaged. When the laser beam hits the melanin, the light energy is rapidly absorbed, causing the hair to heat up. This heat then permanently destroys the hair follicle.

The effect

Laser hair removal is called permanent hair removal, which actually means that the amount of hair in most patients is reduced by 85-95%. These top results are achieved using the FOTONA medical laser. In practice, this means that only a few soft and rare hairs remain in the treated area, which are practically imperceptible. Some customers leave them as they are, while others shave them once a month, for example in the summer.

EXAMPLE: If you decide to remove hair on your legs, you will have smooth skin at the end of the treatment, on which there will only be a few thin hairs if you look at your legs completely up close. You can leave them and others will not notice them. If you want, you can pull them out with tweezers, shave or remove them with a cream. If you used to shave several times a week or even every day, this residual hair is different. They will peek back only after several weeks or months. Other than that, the treated area will be free of hair, no ingrown hairs and no annoying pimples.

"Laser hair removal is called permanent hair removal. This actually means that for most patients, the amount of hair is reduced by 85-95%."

About the intervention

To achieve results, several therapies are needed, the number of which is estimated at the consultation. Most often, patients need between 6 and 12 visits to achieve the desired results. Hair grows in different phases, so they are not all in the same part of the growth cycle at the same time. Since the hair is in "proper" contact with the follicle only in the growth phase, permanent removal is only possible in this phase. With several treatments, we properly capture the right part of the cycle of all hairs.

The epilation procedure is most effective for fair skin and dark hair
. If you have darker skin or lighter hair, we can accommodate you, as our Fotona medical laser allows for fine adjustments to most combinations. The only case where laser hair removal is truly useless is for white hairs. If you are not sure whether you are a suitable candidate for laser epilation, book a consultation.

Typical reactions on the skin after epilation are: redness that can last for several days, urticaria (redness of the skin with swelling), itching, possible there are also smaller moles in highly pigmented people. During the procedure you may feel a burning pain next to individual hairs, which is normal and expected. The feeling of pain largely depends on the individual's sensitivity (pain threshold).

The effect of laser therapy is stronger if the patient shaves a few days before the therapy and does not come with long hair. If you are properly shaved, the feeling of pain will be reduced or absent at all. The energy of the laser rays is consumed in the skin and does not go into deeper structures, so it cannot damage internal organs. Laser removal is possible with completely healthy skin, without any dermatological diseases. At Estetika Fabjan, we will give you the best advice on whether your skin is suitable for the laser or not.

The treatment is not suitable if you are taking drugs that cause photosensitisation (sensitivity to the sun), in case of pregnancy, diabetes, tendency to excessive scarring and in cases where sun protection is not possible. The most suitable time for therapy is autumn and winter, and in summer you must take care of responsible and thorough protection from the sun.

For women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or hormonal imbalances we advise that they decide on laser hair removal after starting hormone therapy. If you are not sure how to proceed with treatment, you can book a consultation with our medical team.

After the procedure

After laser hair removal, we do not recommend direct exposure to ultraviolet rays (solarium, sunbathing without a protective factor) for at least one month.
We do not recommend physical activity and excessive sweating for about one day immediately after the procedure.

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Informative price for epilation

The price of the intervention varies depending on the type of intervention. For more information, sign up for a consultation.

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