Circumcision of the penis


30 minutes


Local anesthesia


Day hospital


1 week


4 - 6 weeks

Circumcision is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin that covers the head of the penis (foreskin) is removed. While in the past circumcision was often performed for traditional and religious reasons, today more and more men are opting for this procedure mainly for health reasons.

Key facts about the procedure

The most common reasons for penis circumcision are:

- too narrow foreskin (phimosis)
- recurrent urinary tract infections
- pathological conditions such as Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans and skin changes (carcinoma)
- painful intercourse due to too tight skin of the foreskin

Although the main reason for circumcising the penis was once related to religious and traditional beliefs, today more and more men decide to have this procedure due to health problems. Circumcision makes it possible to eliminate many problems, such as repeated genital or urinary tract infections and painful intercourse.

Preparation for the procedure

Before deciding on the procedure, come to our clinic, where we will discuss the entire course of the operation, your wishes, possible complications, treatment and recovery after the procedure itself. At the non-binding consultation, you will also agree on the proper hygiene of the operated area before and after the procedure.

Circumcision Procedure at Fabjan Aesthetics

"Although the main reason for penile circumcision was once related to religious and traditional beliefs, today more and more men are opting for this procedure due to health issues."

The course of penis circumcision

On the day of the procedure, the urologist will examine you again and check whether you are fully aware of your procedure and treatment. Circumcision of the penis is performed under local anesthesia. The skin of the foreskin is surgically removed, after which the surgical wound is sutured with a self-degrading material. The scar is located a few millimeters below the crown of the glans, its size depends on the healing of the individual. In circumcision surgery, it is not only important to remove the excess skin that causes problems, but also the aesthetic appearance of the genitals itself after the procedure.

Studies have shown that circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection and reduces the possibility of genital cancer. the penis. Circumcision also reduces the risk of urinary tract infection.

‍Recircumcision - repeated circumcision

It is an operation performed at the request of the patient when, after the original circumcision, he is dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance (asymmetry, excess skin, unattractive scar, etc.). Recircumcision is performed under local anesthesia.

During the procedure, the skin or scar resulting from the original circumcision is surgically removed, and then the wound is sutured with self-dissolving sutures.

The scar is usually located a few millimeters below edge of the head (corona glans), and its size depends on the individual's ability to heal.

More information about the procedure

After the operation, you will be able to leave our clinic two hours after the procedure or even before. We recommend that you rest strictly for at least 72 hours after the operation and avoid driving for 48 hours after the procedure or until you are no longer at risk due to the operation. Moderate pain is managed using over-the-counter pain relievers. Regular genital hygiene and daily dressing of the wound are necessary.

The stitches are made of self-degrading material and will disappear in two to three weeks.

In the post-operative period, you can expect swelling in the surgical area for up to two weeks and blue staining (suffusion) resulting from minor bleeding. The wound will completely heal in a period of four to six weeks, until then we also advise against sexual intercourse. After circumcision, there may be a temporary increase in sensitivity of the head of the penis, which may prove to be bothersome to you. The sensitivity in this area may decrease within a few weeks after surgery.

Informative price for circumcision

The price of circumcision depends on the specifics of each individual and is determined at the end of the consultation.

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