Breast lift


90 - 120 minutes


General anesthesia


Day hospital


7 - 14 days


Dissolvable stitches


7 - 14 days

A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure in which sagging breasts are lifted and reshaped into a fuller and firmer shape. In addition, the breast can be enlarged at the same time with the insertion of implants. It is also possible to reduce the rings around the nipples.

Breast lift

Breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is one of the most common and effective breast rejuvenation procedures. This procedure is popular among postpartum mothers and women of mature years who want to refresh their breasts and eliminate breast sagging. According to research by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the number of mastopexies has increased by as much as 70 percent since the beginning of this century.

Although breast lift alone provides excellent results, it is often combined with breast augmentation , to further increase the volume and achieve comprehensive breast rejuvenation.

At the Fabjan clinics we have extensive experience and extensive knowledge; in the last 20 years, more than 10,000 women have trusted us with this operation. In this text, we present basic information for a better understanding of the entire process and definition of goals.

Basic features of a breast lift procedure:

- A common combination is a breast lift and enlargement
- The procedure is performed under general anesthesia
- It takes 1-2 hours
- Possibility of correction (reduction) of nipple rings
- The incision is made around the areola or around the areola and vertically down to the fold or still in the fold under the breast
- You can leave for home care a few hours after the procedure
- The final result is visible after a few months and in most cases is permanent
- You can start with physical activities one month after the intervention
- As a rule, the intervention does not affect subsequent breastfeeding

"A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure in which sagging breasts are lifted and reshaped into a fuller and firmer shape."

Why decide to have an intervention?

Sagging breasts are most often the result of pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging, hormonal changes and weight loss. With a fairly simple procedure, called a breast lift, we can restore the firmness and youthful shape of the breasts and improve their appearance and position.

Firm and fuller breasts

If your breasts have become saggy due to aging, breastfeeding or significant weight loss, this procedure can change the bust line. The procedure involves removing excess skin, moving tissue higher on the chest wall, and reshaping the breasts to make them appear fuller and firmer to the touch. A breast lift will change their position, but not their size.

Improved bust shape

If you want to add more volume to your breasts in the upper part, we recommend a combination of surgery with implants, which will further help to improve the shape, which will affect the overall appearance of your body .

Removing excess skin allows for easier movement and improves the overall feeling of comfort.

If your breast ptosis or sagging is the result of large or heavy breasts, breast reduction (reduction or reduction mammaplasty) is a suitable combination. In this procedure, excess skin and breast tissue are cut out and the areola and nipple are moved to a higher position.

Thus, we achieve the proportionality of breast size according to your constitution and chest size.

Correction of the nipple (areola)

Weight changes (gain and/or loss) and pregnancy often affect the size and appearance of nipples and areolas, causing disproportion and enlargement of these areas. Larger and more pronounced warts may cause discomfort when wearing thinner clothing. With surgery, their position and size can be corrected, creating a harmonious and attractive appearance. or oversized nipples.

How do I know I am suitable for a breast lift?

Women often wonder if they are suitable candidates for a breast lift. If you have no serious health problems, maintain a healthy weight and want to reshape your breasts, you are probably a suitable candidate for the procedure. The opinion of an experienced surgeon is also important, who will guide you correctly and advise you accordingly on the way to the desired result.

I'm happy with the size, but not the shape.

The procedure will not increase the size of your breasts and will not add volume to the upper part. If you want to change the size of a certain part of the breast at the same time, consider a combination of interventions.

You are in good physical and mental health and maintain a healthy weight

As long as you maintain a stable body weight, follow a healthy lifestyle and have realistic expectations, there is no reason not to undergo the procedure. A major fluctuation in weight (loss, gain) after the procedure significantly affects the long-term results. In extreme cases, the breasts may sag again. Maintaining a stable body weight is a basic prerequisite for success and satisfaction after the procedure.

Your breasts are pointing down or falling below the breast crease

For many, the main goal of the procedure is to remove excess skin to make the breasts look attractive again. Additionally, removing excess skin allows swimwear and bras to fit much more comfortably.

Don't smoke

Smokers' wounds heal worse and slower, so they have a higher risk of complications after the procedure. These complications can be mitigated if they stop smoking at least two weeks before the procedure. Although such complications are very rare, it is important to reduce the possibility of their occurrence.

Breast asymmetry

Breast asymmetry is a very common phenomenon and occurs in most women. Breasts can differ in size, shape and position on the chest.

It is even more pronounced during puberty, when the breasts develop differently due to hormonal changes. The change in size mostly remains even after complete development, when one breast can be up to a fifth larger than the other.

Asymmetry can be eliminated with a unilateral procedure, although in practice it is more often decided to perform the procedure on both breasts.

When should I decide to have a breast lift?

The procedure is suitable for all women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts, regardless of age.

It is often chosen by women after pregnancy and breastfeeding, when the breasts become empty and flattened due to hormonal fluctuations and weight loss. These women want to restore the original appearance of their breasts.

Saggy breasts can also be the result of aging and gravity. With age, the breasts lose their supporting structure and elasticity, which is why women after menopause and later also choose to have this procedure.

WARNING: If you are planning a pregnancy in the next year, we recommend that you postpone the procedure until you finish breastfeeding.

TREND: Mommy makeover

Recently, a combination of procedures known as the mommy makeover, which usually includes breast lift and augmentation, abdominoplasty, labiaplasty, and liposuction, has become increasingly popular. It is intended to transform the body after childbirth, when a woman's body undergoes many hormonal changes, and returning to the state before pregnancy can be difficult and time-consuming, and sometimes impossible without the help of a plastic surgeon.

Mommy makeover is a procedure that combines several procedures at the same time and is performed simultaneously. Thus, recovery is less demanding and the return to social life is faster. This procedure is also performed on women who have not given birth, but have similar problems.

It makes sense to plan the procedure after the end of breastfeeding and the loss of extra pounds gained during pregnancy, as this is the only way to ensure lasting successful results. Saggy breasts are restored to a fresh and natural look by lifting or in combination with augmentation, abdominoplasty removes excess skin on the abdomen, liposuction helps to reshape the body and remove stubborn fat deposits, and labiaplasty corrects oversized labia.

Individual treatment and a frank conversation with the surgeon is important, because only in this way can we sensibly plan a combination of interventions and achieve the desired result.

Preobrazba za mamice

How is a breast lift performed?

During the surgical procedure, we lift the breasts back to their original position on the chest, tighten the skin and place the nipple on top of the transformed breast. Excess skin is removed and, if necessary, the rings around the nipple are reduced. In this way, we restore firmness to the breasts and raise them above their previous position.

If you also want to change the size of the breasts, the procedure can be combined with breast augmentation (augmentation) or reduction (reduction).

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a day hospital. You will be discharged to home care the same day, but if you wish, you can also spend the night at the clinic.

Preparation for the procedure

At the consultation, you will discuss your expectations and the details of the procedure with the surgeon. The surgeon will also carefully mark a plan on your breast which will show the incision sites and the location of the scars. He will be available to you for all questions and doubts, so that you can discuss the procedure calmly and without hesitation. life habits. All this is necessary in order to reduce the possibility of possible complications later and to perform the procedure safely.

Before the procedure, we recommend:

- You can eat digestible food and a sufficient amount of liquid.
- Consumption of vitamin C, as it accelerates wound healing.
- Stopping taking anti-inflammatory drugs that affect blood clotting.
- Stopping smoking or reducing to no more than four cigarettes a day at least two weeks before the procedure.

How does the breast lift procedure work and where will the incision be made?

We know two central breast lift techniques, which are chosen according to the degree of sagging of the breasts and the amount of excess skin.

The vertical lift is named after the incision that characterizes it. This runs around the nipple and vertically down (lollipop-shaped). It is suitable for initial and intermediate levels of breast sagging (ptosis).

An anchor lift (T-cut or T-incision) is used for higher levels of sagging where there is a greater amount of excess breast tissue. skin. The incision goes around the nipple, vertically downwards and continues in the fold under the breast.

Both types of lift require repositioning of the nipples to achieve an optimal result. If necessary, the procedure can also include reshaping of the areolas (the ring around the nipples).

For a complete solution to sagging and empty breasts, a lift can be combined with an increase (augmentation).

Based on the examination and conversation, the surgeon will present you with the most suitable technique for achieving the desired result and explain in detail the key features of the intervention.

What kind of anesthesia is needed?

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which is a slightly more demanding procedure compared to a simple breast augmentation. Due to its complexity, it takes from one to one and a half hours, but in the case of a combination with a lift, it can be up to two hours.

Before the operation, you will consult with a specialist in anesthesiology. If necessary, he will perform an examination and ask you about any previous experience with general anesthesia. In the case of a bad past (e.g. nausea, dizziness), he will prescribe the appropriate medication and will carefully monitor your awakening so that such problems do not recur.

How is the recovery after a breast lift?

Your overall psychophysical condition is key to the speed of recovery after the procedure. If this is combined with others (such as abderoplasty, liposuction), recovery may take longer. Here are some key points that describe the breast lift recovery process:

- Immediately after the procedure, the surgeon will apply waterproof patches to the stitches, which speeds up healing.
- You will be provided with a compression bra that provides support. You must wear it 24 hours a day for the first two weeks, then only during the day for another month.
- After the procedure, you will be transferred to a recovery room, where you will be carefully monitored and you will be able to safely return home after only a few hours.
- Antibiotic and analgesic therapy will be prescribed for you, and we will also arrange for the first post-operative check-up. simple instructions for care after the procedure.

The expected absence from work can be one to two weeks, depending on the nature of your work.

RECOMMENDED: Avoid heavy physical exertion for the first two weeks, and lifting heavier loads. During this period, an intensive healing process takes place, so it is important to put as little strain on your hands and chest as possible. You can gradually start physical activity one month after the procedure. Protect the scars from the sun for at least half a year after the procedure.

When are the results visible?

The change in your breasts is noticeable immediately after the procedure, but the final shape of the breasts appears after a year, when the healing phase is complete.

If you notice that your bra is slightly smaller, this is the result of firmer and fuller breasts. It is important to have an honest discussion with the surgeon about your expectations so that you are as satisfied as possible with the result.

When are the results visible?

Although every surgical procedure carries some degree of risk, the risk of a breast lift is very low, as complications are extremely rare and usually only occur if patients do not follow recovery instructions.

Immediate complications may include bleeding (hematomas), infection, or temporary nerve damage, which usually resolves within a few weeks after the procedure. Hematomas and infections require immediate surgical intervention.

Long-term complications include problems with wound healing and scarring. Smoking has a negative effect on wound healing, while the propensity for scarring is partially genetic.

Clinical studies have shown that a breast lift does not increase the risk of developing breast cancer and does not hinder its detection by mammography or ultrasound.

Informative price for a breast lift

The price of a breast lift depends on the specifics of each individual and is determined at the end of the consultation.

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