Brachioplasty - Arm lift surgery)


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General anesthesia


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10 - 14 days


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10 - 14 days

Brachioplasty, or correction of the upper arm, is an aesthetic surgery procedure that reshapes and tightens the arms from the armpit to the elbow. We remove excess skin and subcutaneous fat that make the upper arms look droopy and aged.

Hand correction will restore a youthful, firmer and attractive look to your hands.

What does brachioplasty involve?

Brachioplasty removes excess tissue and fat from the upper arm. We use different surgical techniques adapted to each patient and their needs. The procedure may include liposuction to remove fat and cutting and stitching the skin to improve shape. This correction is very similar to abdominoplasty, or so-called "tummy tuck", which is an intervention to create a flat and taut stomach.

In this way, we help you restore the appearance of your hands, which you will be satisfied with again. Many people are ashamed of their upper arms and hide them under clothes with long or loose sleeves, which will no longer be necessary after brachioplasty.

How do I know that upper arm correction is a suitable procedure for me?

As with all body reshaping procedures, two basic conditions are crucial for upper arm correction. You are a suitable candidate if you are in good health and have a stable weight for at least three months, preferably one year.

Brachioplasty is ideal for those who feel insecure about excess skin or fat on their arms. This procedure focuses on excess fat and loose skin that you can't get rid of despite a healthy diet and exercise.

Many of our patients include individuals:

- who have lost tone in their arms due to fluctuations in body weight,
- who have noticed changes on their hands after pregnancy,
- who have a genetic tendency to loose skin , which quickly loses collagen and elastin.

It is important that you have realistic expectations regarding the procedure. At Estetika Fabjan, we start every transformation with a non-binding consultation. During the consultation, the doctor gets to know you and assesses whether this procedure is suitable for you, and presents you with the possible results that you can achieve.

"Brachioplasty removes excess tissue and fat from the upper arm. We use different surgical techniques adapted to each patient and their needs."

Who is not a suitable candidate for upper arm reshaping?

The best answers to these questions are obtained during an individual consultation. Although brachioplasty is a safe method to improve the appearance of the upper arms, there are certain groups of people to whom we must pay special attention. These are people with blood clotting problems, diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases.

In addition, the procedure is sometimes not recommended for people who plan to drastically lose weight or become pregnant, as this can affect the results. It is important to understand that brachioplasty is not a substitute for weight loss. It is a method of removing excess skin on the upper part of the arms, but you need to reach the appropriate body weight beforehand.

We can discuss all this at the consultation. If this is your case, we will first guide you to healthy ways to lose weight, and then we will focus on body transformation.

How is brachioplasty performed?

At Estetika Fabjan, we perform brachioplasty with extreme care and precision. The following is the course of the operation.

Preparation for the procedure

If you complete the consultation and are satisfied with it, we will determine the date of your surgery.

Preparation for brachioplasty includes: quitting smoking, limiting alcohol consumption, adjusting the intake of certain medications and occasionally changing the diet. Detailed instructions are available after consultation.

The day before the operation, we will call you and confirm the exact time of the intervention.

Anesthesia required for upper arm correction

Upon admission to the clinic, you meet with the anesthesiologist. You will receive general anesthesia. This means that you sleep during the procedure and do not feel it. Upper arm correction usually takes one hour.

Brachioplasty procedure and where the incision is made

The procedure begins with an incision along the inside of the upper arm. The size of the incision depends on the amount of tissue to be removed and the location of the loose skin (whether it is near the armpit or in the lower arm). Most often, the incision runs from the armpit to the elbow and slightly towards the chest.

In mini brachioplasty (smaller procedure), the incision is hidden in the armpit, but it can also extend over the upper half of the upper arm.

If you have a lot of subcutaneous fat, we will remove it with liposuction. A thin tube (cannula) is inserted into the tissue, which breaks up and sucks out the fat cells. Then we remove the excess skin and tighten the remaining tissue to make your hands smooth and firm.

Finally, the incision is sutured and protective bandages are applied.

How is recovery going?

After brachioplasty, you will be able to go home the same day. After you wake up from anesthesia, we will examine you to make sure you are feeling well, and advise you again about an appropriate recovery. Then get some rest and continue with home care.

You have plasters placed over the incisions and a bandage over them, which helps the skin heal properly during recovery. You will be able to stop wearing the compression bandages after a few weeks, which will be determined during your recovery. Discomfort and pain may occur after the procedure, which can be alleviated with painkillers.

We recommend approximately two weeks of absence from work. After this period, you can gradually return to more active activities.

What are the possible complications and risks of upper arm reconstruction?

Any surgical procedure carries certain risks, although they are quite rare with brachioplasty. Temporary swelling of the upper limb is possible, which usually resolves within a few months. Other risks include infection, problems with wound healing, and scarring. Following the surgeon's instructions and wearing a compression garment during recovery reduce the possibility of complications.

At Estetika Fabjan, we take care of reducing these risks and your safety during the procedure and recovery.

Informative price of brachioplasty

The price of brachioplasty depends on the specifics of each individual and is determined at the end of the consultation.

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